Well, the latest update on moving to Deutschland is that I finally have a place to live for my first six months! I guess it will be similar to a WG.  I’ll have my own room but will share the bathroom and kitchen with the others living on my floor.  Not yet sure how many that will be.

But, this is not really what I wanted to write about.  Instead, I want to honor the example of my house mate.  So yes, this is a topic not related to my upcoming move but I guarantee that you will love this post!

Last week my laptop gave me the ‘BSOD’ two times and I decided that it was time for me to buckle down and invest in a new laptop.  My house mate was also looking to buy a new laptop so we went to the store together to begin our search. Along the way we were starving and decided to grab some food. My house mate had never been to a coney island before (say, what!?) so of course that is where I took her. 🙂  As we were looking over the menu, our waitress came by to ask what we would like to drink.  My house mate looked up at the waitress and said,

“Oh my goodness, you are just so lovely and beautiful today.  Your hair looks great and your make-up is perfect.”

Immediately the waitress’s face gushed forth in shining delight.

“That is the best thing someone has said to me all week. Thank you so much.”

We ordered our drinks and food.  When our waitress brought us our food she set the plates down, began to walk away and then stopped and said,

“I just have to say thank you again.  You’ve made me feel like one in a million.”

My house mate replied, “Well, you really do look beautiful.  Your haircut is perfect for your face structure.”

The waitress then explained to us, “You know, this is the first day I came to work without my wig on.  I lost all my hair due to chemo.  I did not want to come to work without my wig because I was worried what people might say.  My husband told me not to worry what people would say but I just felt like an ostrich.”

My house mate then said, “Oh, I didn’t even know.  Get your head out of the sand because you are beautiful.”

I tell you, the waitress had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

I was quite inspired by my house mate.  We had a lovely conversation about the importance of having women know that they are beautiful.

To all the women out there, you are beautiful just the way you are.